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Time for a recent story I've been too lazy to post thus far, until now!

Last Wednesday, after an entirely too long wait, I finally got my second job interview! Or, um, I was supposed to. I didn't manage to get to bed until 5am the night before. (Nerves, not irresponsibility, I assure you - I was trying to sleep for several hours prior.) I still thought I'd be in good shape. Until shortly after 7:30 in the morning - Jim's mom left, the rest of the house was empty, and so her dog panicked. And whined. And howled. Right outside my door. So obviously I could not sleep any longer. I tried letting the dog in, so she wouldn't be alone, though this offer was refused, because apparently she has some sort of door-related paranoia. I tried coming out into the living room and sleeping on the couch, though she still whined, right in my ear, unless I was petting her. In other words, it was impossible for me to sleep any longer.

My interview was at 2:30pm. I left an hour early, in the hopes that this would give me time to get there. Of course, by that point, I'd been up for six hours on little sleep. There was also plenty of natural interview-related stress on top of that anyway. Also, stress related to being awake for six hours with no human contact of any sort. And once I left, on top of this, we were able to add the stress of some dude behind me hammering on his car's horn, repeatedly, the very instant the light turned green - as if I was supposed to clairvoyantly know when the light would turn green, and start going a bit before it turned green? Despite that being obviously illegal, even moreso if my prediction was sorely wrong. At any rate, all these elements came together and drove Jesse to a bit of a major breakdown, while driving! This made it pretty much impossible for me to navigate! I was late! I was, therefore, turned away the moment I stumbled in once I finally made it, 15 minutes late!

Jim's mom was, of course, not understanding. "He should just be able to pull the covers up over his head and go back to sleep," she says. "He has a bed. I have to sleep on the couch!" This is one of several reasons I do not like her. Meh. If going through a divorce makes people this thoroughly intolerable, then I thank you, United States Government, for denying me by rights!

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Ordinarily I love dogs (I own a very yappy one, but he doesn't do it at night anymore, unless he's especially scared), but yeah, that dog is an asshole.

The weird thing is he probably has more redeeming qualities than Jim's mother.

I'm not even really mad at the dog (a lady dog, to emphasize), so much as I'm angry at its owner, for being completely incapable of actually caring for a dog. And for her abject lack of sympathy. It's not my fault she's sleeping on the couch! It's not my fault she rushed into a separation and moved down here before even having a living situation worked out!

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