If I were more creative, this would be a very clever and/or witty joke!

And this would be an unnecesssary explanation of said clever and/or witty joke!

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Did you know? There still isn't terribly much to talk about! Vaguely newish things since last time:
- Jim's mother is now staying here at the house with us. As someone who typically stays up really late, it's been hard to get used to. But on the bright side, um, occasional free popcorn? Um, assistance in cutting down on my excessive computer time, since it's not fun around her? Um, free alarm clock in the form of her dog that always starts whining, and howling, when she goes somewhere without it, forcing its care onto people who never really signed up for dog ownership? Something?
- Apparently I'm actually slightly losing weight, somehow! At this rate, I will be physically attractive sometime in 2037!


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