If I were more creative, this would be a very clever and/or witty joke!

And this would be an unnecesssary explanation of said clever and/or witty joke!

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Did you know? Jesse's birthday is coming up! I will soon be 20 years of age! You know what this means, right? I will finally be old enough to be one year too young to buy alcohol! I will finally be old enough to celebrate the second anniversary of being able to legally watch all that fantastic gay homosexual pornography! I will be divisible by 10 again! This is completely a big deal!

But, yes, it's this Wednesday. And I still don't know what I'm doing for it. Any suggestions of fun and/or amusing, and preferably quite cheap, things, that I could do?

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I'm gonna say "the opposite of whatever Ray/Pom is thinking you should do." :D

Do you mean, swim across the Atlantic so we can celebrate his birthday properly?

Um, sure. So I guess that means he should do the opposite of that, which would be uhh...fly...under...the Pacific.

A comment that was at one point here has mysteriously disappeared! Very mysterious.

Anyway, I think you're obligated to update with what you did do on your birthday!

A comment that made me extremely uncomfortable has disappeared for that very un-mysterious reason!

Not a whole lot. Just video games with Jim, and an inexpensive lunch out. And the beginning of a prolonged suicidal depression, apparently. So, a fairly standard birthday.

Still haven't really had a chance to check out the Rifftrax, as things have been repeatedly coming up, with depressing frequency.

Again, I apologize for it. Been a depressing few weeks in the house altogether.

- Jim

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